Clal Real Estate

Clal Real Estate is the owner of a 1,900,000 Sqm land in the city of Nesher (Haifa District of Israel). An additional 1,800,000 Sqm in the same area are held by Nesher Cement Enterprises (a subsidiary of Clal Industries).

According to the city building plan of Nesher from July 2019, Clal Real Estate and Nesher are allowed to build on this land a total of 5,000 housing units and 280,000 Sqm for commercial purposes, in two phases (A & B).

Clal Real Estate has a 50% partnership with Africa Israel and Shikun & Binui (two of the leading real estate, construction, and infrastructure companies in Israel) for Phase A, which includes the construction of 2,000 housing units and 85,000 Sqm for commercial purposes.